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Link: ASDnext
Provides resources and information for Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism, as well as family members, caregivers, professionals, and community members.
Phone: 1-877-231-4244
Provides Autism services, Autism education, Autism resources, Autism training, Autism family support, Autism community support and Autism provider support.
Charting the LifeCourse
Link: Charting the LifeCourse
A universally-designed framework created by families to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life.
Commonly Used Acronyms in IDD
Link: Commonly Used Acronyms in IDD
There are many commonly used acronyms in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities system. This resource can help decipher the "alphabet soup."
Employment Fact Sheet
Link: Employment Fact Sheet (PDF)
Everyone can work! Learn about Employment Services and Supports.
Everyday Lives - Values in Action Booklet
Link: Everyday Lives - Values in Action Booklet (PDF)
People with disabilities have a right to an everyday life: a life that is no different than that of all other citizens. Read about the history of this document and updated statistics, focus areas, and information.
How to apply for Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
Phone: 1-866-550-4355
Link: How to apply for Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
Independent Monitoring 4 Quality (IM4Q)
Lancaster, PA 17603
Link: IM4Q Statewide Report
Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q) is an information-gathering method the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) uses to improve the lives of individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability. Independent teams monitor the satisfaction and outcomes of a random sample of individuals receiving services statewide. Information is used to ensure that people are healthy and safe and to offer services that promote choice and control in their everyday lives.
Integrated Supports Star Worksheet
Link: Integrated Supports Star Worksheet (PDF)
This LifeCourse Tool helps identify supports within an array of categories including Relationship Based, Technology, Personal Strengths & Assets to help reach a goal or provide an integrated look at what is helping an individual and what can be developed.
Intellectual Disabilities Facts
Link: Intellectual Disabilities Facts (PDF)
Learn Facts about Intellectual Disabilities including causes and diagnosis.
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