Mental Health

Mental Health Case Management and LAPS Have Moved!!

NEW LOCATION:              275 Hess Blvd in Lancaster, PA 17601

BUS ROUTE #:                  #19 Manheim

PHONE NUMBERS:           No Change - Main number is 717-393-0421                                                                                                           Crisis Intervention 717-394-2631

WHO MOVED:                     Your Doctor/Nurse at Philhaven LAPS; Crisis Intervention,                                                                    Intake; Liability

HOW DO I SEE MY             Case managers are also moving, but will not be at this new           CASE MANAGER:              location

                To schedule an appointment with your case manager please call them.

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The Mental Health Program believes that adults and children who have a mental illness can live fulfilling lives. Our program assists individuals by providing Case Management services tailored to individual needs. We will locate services and assure that the individual's needs and wants are valued throughout the process.

The Mental Health Program serves children with serious emotional disturbance and adults with serious mental illness who reside in Lancaster County, PA. We receive referrals from individuals, families and providers who are requesting assistance with mental health services and support. The adult and/or child’s family must be in agreement with the referral. A referral can be made by contacting the Mental Health Office.